Display error in editor summary layout

[Providence 1.7.11]

In the "summary" subpage of the object editor, the field labels and the metadata are nicely displayed side by side in two columns.

However, in the "summary" subpages for many other record types (entities, collections, ...) there are display errors and discrepancies compared to the object summaries:

Especially, metadata longer than one line is no longer indented into the second column from the second line on, but runs across the entire width of both columns. This is especially unattractive when several related items are to be listed one below the other: the first one then appears in the second column, but the others in the first column below the field label.

Also some other deviations (e.g. colon after the field names) show that the generated HTML/CSS code for the summary pages of entities, collections, etc. is not the same as that for the summary page of objects. Why is that?

And can we fix this ourselves by customizing the theme?


  • You can fix it yourself.

  • For anyone looking for the solution ... I found it:

    In the file /themes/default/views/editor/entities/summary_html.php you need to replace the line 52 ...

    print "<div class=\"unit".$vs_class."\"><span class=\"heading".$vs_class."\">".$va_info['display'].":</span> ".$vs_display_value."</div>\n";

    ... by this:

    print "<div class=\"unit".$vs_class."\"><span class=\"heading".$vs_class."\">".$va_info['display']."</span><span class='summaryData'> ".$vs_display_value."</span></div>\n";

    Or better duplicate the theme, rename it, change line 52 and then link to this new theme in the config file. This way, the changes will survive the next Providence update.

    And at the opportunity best also remove the double closing tag </td> in line 56 -- the HTML code is otherwise not valid.

  • Thanks. These fixes were all in develop but hadn't made it into 1.7.x. I've moved them and they will be in the 1.7.13 release.

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