Print result as labels: no new page

We use domPDF and Providence version 1.7.11

We have two ways to print labels:

  • As individual labels using a label printer. (This works fine altough sometimes with some hickups for a larger number of results)
  • As (a4) sheets of labels. This works fine if the number of labels does not exceed the total number of labels that fit on one page. If the total number of labels to be printed should cause multiple sheets of labels there is still only one page as output with labels being "overprinted"

This is the case in our own templates, but also in the default installed avery templates.

It seems like the PDF renderer is not able to create more than one page of labels. Is this domPDF related?

Does anyone using wkhtmltopdf or PhantomJS experience the same behaviour? (Can be tested using the standard supplied Avery templates)


  • I've not seen this one. I'd try wkhtmltopdf and see if it's any different. In the meantime we'll look at 1.7.12 labels.

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