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This is probably an obvious question, but I'm brand new to everything coding, and have managed to successfully install and run both Providence and Pawtucket for a project I'm doing for work. It's hosted on my computer as the basic server. My question is: how do you move that to an actual findable web address? I presume that you obviously need a real domain first. But how do you then transfer the data and packages to the site?

I'm finding the manuals very difficult to parse through, because it seems like half of the information isn't uploaded, and then on the old(?) manual site, it's way over my head. Also, if anyone knows where I can access the "templates" that were given as options when you first signed in to Pawtucket/Providence that would be great, because I would love to see the other options for base 'models' of the sites. If those have been dead-linked, then I would also love to know that so I'm not stuck searching for them lol.


  • I am going to assume that you mean that you want to migrate the site to a Linux hosting service, so correct me if I am wrong. My recommendation is to first secure the server and then git clone and download Providence and Pawtucket2 into the folders for the servers; however, this might be my personal preference.* Then use a program like FileZilla to upload the media folder, the latest backup, and any files you have edited. At this point, grab a cup of coffee or tea.

    Update, install php models, etc. based on the installation directions for Providence and Pawtucket2.

    Do not try to reinstall Providence via the website. Instead you'll want restore the MySQL backup and create a MySQL user that can manage that database followed by editing the setup.php. Now you can go to your site and it should be completely migrated over.

    * You might be able to zip the Pawtucket2 and Providence folders so that you can upload them instead. I have had bad luck with uploading uncompressed versions of the providence folder.

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