Some Display issue in Pawtucket 2

I am making good progress with the customization of Pawtucket2. Right now, I have one issue that I cannot figure out. I included places among the browsing categories by adjusting my theme's browse.conf. Now, when I browse objects by place, I get the place hierarchy. However, when I go to Places directly, that hierarchy is gone and I just get a flat list of all places (to see what I mean, have a look at Is there a way to have a hierarchical view under Places as well. I imagine it has something to do with the type_facet for places, but I do not see how exactly.

Another thing that I do not particularly like, but that I can live with is the fact that the list of related objects when browsing Places is different depending on whether the list consists of just one object or of more than one object (check Lancaster versus Langlais on my site). I would prefer the multiple items view for both lists.

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  • Could you post your browse.conf file? It's likely that you need to apply the same custom code that you did for the places facet in the objects sub-menu to the places sub-menu.

  • Thanks. My browse.conf (as browse.txt) file is attached. I commented out whatever I did not need/want rather than removing the lines, so the file looks rather messy. I really do not fully understand how all of this works, so some of the "hierarchical" values that I put in might not make any sense.


  • This looks like a relatively easy fix to me. Right now in your configuration file you have set the place facet under objects to the hierarchical mode you're looking for, but the object facet under places appears to have not been updated. Try copying the code you have customized under place_facet in ca_objects to object_facet under ca_places and that should hopefully fix it. You may have to change the table as well, though I'm not 100% sure.

  • Hi,

    This is not the issue, I don't think. Since there is no hierarchy in objects, I do not expect the places under the object facet to be hierarchically ordered. My problem occurs when I click on the "browse all places" button. I would like the result of that action to show up in the form of a hierarchy.



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