Customise a Display

Hello, I want to customise a display "Researcher Display" and want to add there a metadata that can have more than one value, for example dimension (Width and height)... Is any way to make appears all values on that display?

I attached an imagen example of that I need and my metadata form.

Thanks for advance

1348 x 1017 - 346K
1041 x 587 - 117K
1026 x 662 - 122K


  • You need to look up the element code of the metadata container titled "dimensiones" as well as the element codes of the sub-elements "medida", "valor" and "unidad". You can find them under Manage > Administration > Metadata Elements. And then put them instead of "dimensiones", "medida" etc. in the following code (not tested, should hopefully work):

    <ifdef code="ca_objects.dimensiones.valor">
    ^ca_objects.dimensiones.medida: ^ca_objects.dimensiones.valor ^ca_objects.dimensiones.unidad

    Now go to the display editor, click on the "i" icon at "objeto dimensiones", and a pop-up window will open. There, enter the code above in the field "Display format", and enter a comma or semicolon followed by a space (", " or "; ") in the field "Delimiter". Then close the window by clicking on the "i" icon bottom right of this pop-up window and finally click "Save".

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