Changing font size across Pawtucket

Does anyone know how to change the font size for the 'captions' aka titles of each photo, both in a regular collection/search display but also when you have to scroll to reveal the name?

I've tried investigating some websites that use Pawtucket, but can't figure out where in the code I have to change it. I've tried a bunch of different codes, but mostly I've just been able to change the font size for the browse facets. It's really frustrating as I'm not sure if it's because I have to change the font size across a bunch of files, or if I'm just missing the one file where it's stored. I've attached pictures of the fonts as they are now.


  • It's all set in the style sheet. For the default theme that'd be /default/assets/pawtucket/css/main.css

    You can use the "inspect element" developer option in your browser to see what styles are applied to specific bits of text. For "full" search results the style is .bResultItem .bResultItemText on or around line 2035 of the stylesheet.

  • Thanks Seth! I was actually coming back here to say I figured that out, and that for others they might need to clear their cache for the code to update the sizing (which I had to do in this case).

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