Data Import - How to reference status and access?

Dear CA community:

I am having trouble to reference "status" and "access" lists in the import mapping.

I have tried to reference those fields in these ways in the mapping file


  • ca_objects.access.access_statuses
  • ca_objects.access
  • ca_objects.access_statuses


  • ca_objects.status
  • ca_objects.status.workflow_statuses
  • ca_objects.workflow_statuses

And in the import file I set:

status: restricted_public_access

access: review_in_progress

But when I finally check the imported record, the default values are assigned, which are

status: new

access: public_access

How should I reference those fields in the mapping? I am attaching the file for reference. The values are in position 30 and 31.

Thanks and regards.



  • Hi, I don't know if this will work, but I was having similar issues in trying to get those types of fields on Pawtucket. The solution was:



    Don't know if that will solve it, but I would give it a try!

  • You'd use ca_objects.access and ca_objects.status.

    Note that these fields, for historical reasons, work differently than the other list fields in that they must be set to the item_value of the relevant list item in the access_statuses and workflow_statuses lists. These are typically integers (0, 1, 2...)

  • Hi Maggiekarp and Seth.

    Thanks for your help. I really appreciate it.

    Seth, I have tried to use a_objects.access and ca_objects.statusboth with integer values and with their identifier with no luck. All imported objects are "New" in "Status" and "Public access" in "Access" wich are the default values.

    I am attacing both the mapping and content file with 2 objects where I tried both approaches. Am I missing something? The rest of the fields are properly imported.

    Thanks and regards.


  • Hi everybody.

    I have checked the instructions and the steps i followed but I coundn´t find the reason why the status and access are not set with the values in the file.

    If anyone has any clue I would greatly appreciate it.

    Thanks and regards.


  • Give the date of this thread, a bit late, but if you use "ca_objects.access" and set this to "1" as a constant, the import will work setting the object to visible to the public.

  • I use

    Constant   0   ca_objects.access

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