profanity - unable to update and save certain objects

As we edit and update object descriptions, we are finding certain objects that we are unable to save. They return an error (Firefox) like this:


You don't have permission to access this resource.

By trial and error, I discovered a line in the Physical description that included the word "cock" (as in Japanese Zodiac, "year of the cock"). I changed "cock" to "rooster" and... Voila! The object saved successfully.

Currently having a similar issue with a print about murder, death, revenge and...

In this object, it is the word 'hentai' which is 'forbidden' (in hentai-gana). Adding a hyphen to make it hen-tai allowed the object to be saved...

Clearly we were once able to save such objects, but no longer. Need to get this sorted and need help. Where to look? Is there a reserved vocabulary list I need to edit or disable? Or what??


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    It's almost certainly a filter imposed by your service provider. The CollectiveAccess software isn't filtering content. I've seen this before with certain hosting services.

  • Thank you - I'll check with the host... So bizarre!

  • Sorry for not completing our discussion earlier - the host disabled two Mod Security settings and the problem was resolved. Thank you!

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