$t_object->get(...) for lists if value is "Not set"


I'm quite new to Collective Access and still struggling with the PHP-functions. I hope it's an easy question -- either that or what I wand to do is impossible, I guess.

I'm using this code:


in ca_objects_default_html.php. fundort_container is repeatable, fundort is a list. If the object has two fundort_containers and only one has a value in fundort (the other has "Not set") I get a list with only one entry. What I would like to have is a list with two entries one of them being empty or null as I need to know which of the containers has the empty value.

Is there a way to get all values, including "Not set"? Maybe with another function or another approach altogether? Or is that impossible as it always ignores instances that are "Not set"?

I'm using Pawtucket2 version 1.7.12.

Thanks in advance!


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