Can't view new page

I've set up a template for a new page, staff-test, set the url to /staff-test, saved it, but when I try to preview it, I get:

Can't access new page

This page isn’t workingcollections. is currently unable to handle this request.


Log shows:

DateUserChangesAugust 10 2021 at 12:04:41CollectiveAccess AdministratorAdded Page metadata: title: staff-test

Added Page metadata: description: Staff test page

Added Page metadata: URL path: /staff-test

Added Access: accessible to public

Added Page metdata: keywords: BLANK

When I enter,

Errors occurred when trying to access /staff-test/index.php:

  • Invalid controller path

Why does the index.php get added at the end?


  • Those pages are for front-end sites. They aren't accessible as pages on the back-end.

  • Then this statement, from the online documentation, is incorrect?

    The site page feature provides users with an easy way to add blog-like functionality to their Pawtucket2 site through the use of static page templates, which are edited in Providence, and which generate stand-alone pages on their front end. These pages are fully customizable and also allow for media upload through Providence to give users without a background in HTML/CSS the ability to create new pages for their site. This allows for easier editing of About, Contact and other pages that may require occasional updates but which are not part of an organization's digital collections.

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