CA ignores display restriction to "editor summaries"

[Providence 1.7.11 and 1.7.12]

All "summary" displays in our CA installations are configured to be available only for "editor summaries", not for search result lists. This is done by only selecting "editor summaries" in the multi-select field "Show display in" of the display editor.

But unfortunately this restriction seems to be ignored by CA: All summary displays also appear in the selection list of search result displays (drop down field accessed by clicking the gear icon).

And even worse: when you create a new user account, some searches (for specific record types) even default to the summary display as the search results display, causing display chaos.

This means extra work for administrators because all newly created accounts must be manually set to the correct search hit displays, one at a time for each record type. And for users, it often leads to confusion when they accidentally select the wrong display for the search hit list.


  • Are we the only ones experiencing this problem?

    Unfortunately, the problem is even more serious: sometimes CA changes the search result display to the wrong (summary) display without the user's intervention. Then our users are confused and often can't even find the setting to select the correct display again.

    Please, there must be a solution for that ...

  • First I've heard of it.

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