How to restrict Browse facet Date further?

I've figured out how to (finally) get dates coming up in my Browse facets. This is what it currently looks like:

year_facet = {

         type = normalizedDates,

         element_code = ca_objects.dates_value,

         # 'normalization' can be: days, months, years, decades, centuries

         normalization = years,

         group_mode = none,

         label_singular = _("year"),

         label_plural = _("years")


However, I have several different list codes of date_type that I would prefer to specify as separate facets instead. For example, the beginning of the list of different date types begins:

<list code="date_types" hierarchical="0" system="0" vocabulary="0">


       <label locale="en_CA">

         <name>Date types</name>


       <label locale="fr_CA">

         <name>Types de dates</name>




       <item idno="created" enabled="1" default="1">


           <label locale="en_CA" preferred="1">




           <label locale="fr_CA" preferred="1">






I am sure there is a way in which I can specify within the Browse to output dates depending on their date_types, but I can't find anything in the documentation about how to create facets based on list-dependent linked data.


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