Force search field with ca_entities_lookup_settings


our customer has asked to view a specific metadata when he wants to associate an entity with an object,

so we configured the app.conf in the ca_entities_lookup_settings like this:

ca_entities_lookup_settings = [<unit relativeTo='ca_entities'><ifdef code="ca_entities.intest_autor">^ca_entities.intest_autor</ifdef>

<ifnotdef code="ca_entities.intest_autor">^ca_entities.preferred_labels.displayname</ifnotdef></unit>]

But when the user enters a search term, the suggestion and the search is performed on all the fields of the entities,therefore if I insert for example "Pavese" and the term is present on descriptive fields, the suggestions show entities that could not be consistent with the search for the name or metadata that we view.

I am attaching an image.

It is possible to configure through a property of the lookup setting or through the Restrict to search expression in user interface force the search on a specific field or in a metadata?

The question looks like this post:

but I didn't find answers or examples in the documentation.

Thanks for your help


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  • Yes, you can restrict how the lookup searches using two options, set in the user interface editor for placements of relationship lookup bundles (such as the ca_entities bundle for relating entities). The options are:

    "restrict to search" (restrict_to_search when set in a profile): adds search text onto whatever is entered, effectively "and'ing" results.

    "restrict to access point (restrict_to_access_point in a profile): restricts lookup searches to a specific access point. This could be a specific metadata element (Eg. ca_entities.intest_autor), or it can be an defined access point in search_indexing.config, which can reference more than one element.

  • Yesss!!

    With ca_entities.intest_autor into restrict_to_access_point it work!

    Thank you Seth,

    Have a nice day!

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