Title Source (preferred label)

This is a general question regarding a variety of metadata schemas and/or ontologies, however I'll discuss in relation to the VRAcore installation.

The VRAcore 4.0 definition (https://www.loc.gov/standards/vracore/VRA_Core4_Element_Description.pdf, p. 35) indicates a source attribute alongside the type and preferred status. Now: in CA the preferred label is a hardcore field for each record, installation-independent, so it is not possible to customize it in the administration/metadata setup. Neither preferred nor non-preferred labels admit customization. I've figured out that I could hack into the titleType bundle to include the source; however, that would still leave the alternate titles source unsolved. Is there some configuration file to modify to allow for title source?

Maybe I should explain the reasons that make this question a very important one. We're dealing with a Mexican collection which has thousands of European prints and gypsum casts. The titles for such items were loosely translated into Spanish, during the XVIIIth and XIXth Centuries, but now we are looking after thoroughly documenting the correct identity of such objects, so the source of the titles is crucial. Moreover: an indication of the title source is pretty much a standard feature in most schemas, as in LIDO's sourceAppelation label. Maybe we need to do some coding on this, but I'm writing in the hope that it is somehow bundled within the existing distribution

Thanks in advance..


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