1.8rc1 error

I have just dowloaded and installed 1.8rc1.

Actually I did not install it using the installer, but by updating 1.8Develop.

I first tried using the installer, but that gave me a blank screen.

The issue is I cannot login, all I get is a blank screen (with errors reported)

The error starts with:

Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Class 'Zend_Locale' not found in F:\wamp64\www\CA18rc1\app\helpers\initializeLocale.php on line 70

(see image attached)

My system:

Windows11 with WAMP server 3.2.5

Would this be a system (my system) specific problem or a general problem?


  • You need to run composer update on this one. We're not packaging the vendor libraries yet, as these are for evaluation/testing.

  • I had never done that, but that worked.

    Now I have a new issue:

    Logging in as administrator (the default and only account after installation) I get a menu bar at the top right as usual.

    Creating a new user with administrator privileges and logging in as that user I do not get any menu bar at all.

    The div navwrapper is only 40x8 px and the list below is empty

  • This is fixed in 1.8rc2

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