Bad Pull in git?


When I try to update from git develop (using git desktop) I get this error:

error: invalid path 'app/lib/BatchMediaImportProgress.php:'

Updating 22c80aaaa..dc566da27

I assume the path needs to be '/app/lib....'?


  • We'll take a look today.

  • Thank you. Dont rule out operator (me) error.

  • Try it again? I'm not sure what the problem is but I've just pushed some changes to address some test failures that might help here.

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    still doing it....but only on develop. Same odd error. I can pull master fine.

    I can also pull host/1.8...but NOT 1.8rc1 or 1.8rc2 - same blowup on app/lib/BatchMediaImportProgress.php

    If I manually do a git pull it chugs along until:














  • I don't have a problem pulling any branch including the ones you've referenced. Are you doing this on Windows?

  • debian on windows....with & with out git desktop

  • So you're running Windows? And an NTFS file system?

  • I believe it is some hybrid thing win10 does. Its their debian emulation. I've used it just fine for a few years. You can move files , but permissions are very funny and I'm told it is easy to corrupt files by writing to them from windows, so I avoid doing that.

    I'm not running CA , I'm just using it as a place to pull to and merge my work. It all gets pushed to a shared server where it is really running.

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    OK I think I found the problem: If you download the zip, there are two files

    "/app/lib/BatchMediaImportProgress.php" and

    "/app/lib/BatchMediaImportProgress.php:" <--note the final : in the filename. I think THAT is what is causing things to explode.

  • This is resolved now. Thanks for tracking down the root cause.

  • I have learned much about using git because of this. I'm ready for next time now!

  • We'll try to avoid it next time.

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