How to Map Media using External Links


I want to add images of the objects using external links through the spreadsheet itself. Tried this but it didn't work. How to add the external links option in the mapping document?

I've already enable allow_fetching_of_media_from_remote_urls option in app.conf.

Here's the mapping document for reference. Please help.


  • The "external_link" field in your system is just a url field – basically a text field that knows it's a URL. Images would be added as object representations. You'd have to use an objectRepresentation splitter and set the "media" field of the related representation to the URL of the media you want to pull in. So long as allow_fetching_of_media_from_remote_urls is set if you pass as media to a representation it'll pull it down and process it.

    I hope this helps.


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