Pawtucket Styling is not taking?

I can change the HTML fine and have the changes take, but editing the css assets is not working for any divs I create...

For example, here is what I have in the views/Front/front_page_html.php folder:

<div class="row">

<div class="col-sm-8">

<div class="frontIntro">


<p>This is an intro.</p>




Here is the css in the assets/pawtucket/css/main.css file:

#frontIntro {

border: 5px solid red;

margin-left: 50px;


I've also tried using ".frontIntro", with a period instead. Neither have worked.

Is there something I am missing to have the test css affect the HTML I am adding?


  • I'm including two screenshots of the code here (the assets, main.css file and the views front_page_html.php file to help with better seeing the code.

    CSS.png 265.7K
    HTML.png 351.3K
    914 x 476 - 266K
    918 x 478 - 351K
  • So, I posted my situation on reddit, and have learned that it is not the PHP causing the div to not take. It's something with the CSS. I'm going to keep exploring. And I'm just posting here in case it helps any other self-taught coders like me.

    CSS is independent of PHP, and only relates to all HTML. So I need to figure out how to get the div readable by the main.css doc and keep exploring - because I am comfortable with CSS.

  • Are you sure the CSS file you're editing is actually being loaded? Have you tried doing "Inspect Element" in your browser (by right-clicking on the relevant page content)?

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