1.8rc3 summary display conditional template

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I have 1.8rc3 installed on 3 test systems

  • Windows11 with WAMP server
  • A Ubuntu 20.04 V3 installation in Oracle VM Virtual box
  • A test version on my live (shared hosting) server

I use the summary screen for objects to create a label with QR barcode.

This is formatted with a display template that uses conditional tags and units.

I have found 2 issues with this approach:

  • Any contitional formatting gives empty results (complete blank result)
  • The conditional formatting is removed in the display template after saving

A sample of this conditional formatting:

{{{<unit relativeTo="ca_collections" sort="ca_collections.collection_id" sortDirection="DESC" length="1">
               <ifnotdef code="ca_objects.dep_spec">Eigendom van: ^ca_collections.coll_label_name</ifnotdef>
               <if rule="^ca_objects.dep_spec=~ /ja/">Gecatalogiseerd in opdracht van: ^ca_collections.coll_label_name</if>   
               <if rule="^ca_objects.dep_spec=~ /nee/">Eigendom van: ^ca_collections.coll_label_name</if>


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    For the above example I get a PHP error if the rule is either "^ca_objects.dep_spec=~ /ja/" or "^ca_objects.dep_spec=~ /nee/", and no PHP error if the value is not defined.

    The error is:

    ( ! ) Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Class 'Hoa\File\Read' not found in F:\wamp64\www\CA18rc3\app\lib\Parsers\ExpressionParser.php on line 61

    ( ! ) Error: Class 'Hoa\File\Read' not found in F:\wamp64\www\CA18rc3\app\lib\Parsers\ExpressionParser.php on line 61

    In the vendor/hoa folder there are 5 folders for 18rc2 and 18rc3, In 18rc1 there are 13 folders

  • Hoa was just abandoned by its author. The replacement we're trying doesn't include the component you reference (as we have discovered on our own). There'll be another rc in a bit that resolves this.

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