Is it possible to print a PDF report of a Library Checkout/Checkout?

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Hi guys, I'm setting up CollectiveAccess for my project and while Library Services is awesome for my needs, it seems to be lacking the option to print a PDF report for a particolar checkout/checkin.

I've understood that CA basically print a report from a search query, and that's fine, if only I could search by Checkout ID, but I can't find a way to do it. Am I missing something?


  • Hi,

    Unfortunately there is no reporting option for library check in/out at the moment. It was an experimental feature added for a couple of users, neither of whom had reporting of a requirement. We will think about adding this capability in the near future though – it definitely makes a lot of sense.


  • Hi Seth, thanks for the reply and the consideration, for now I don't have time to try to code it myself, but I will try when I can, it all sums up to be able to search by checkout id, so it shouldn't be impossible, for now we will use an odt and fill it manually 😅

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