When trying to use the Web API (jSON API), using the URI's mentioned in the docs like i.e. /service.php/browse/ca_objects?pretty=1, the same error message appears every time:

Errors occured while trying to access /service.php/browse/ca_objects?pretty=1:

Invalid controller path

I suspected an authentication error at first and tried both to retreive an auth token via the service.php/auth/login endpoint and adding the USER:PASSWORD@ prefix to the API URL. Both attempts lead to the same error messsage as above.

So how can the API be used? Is there any additional configuration which needs to be adapted?

Thanks in advance for your advise


  • Is your system running in a sub-directory? Or in the web server root?

  • edited December 2021

    We run things from /theme/$theme/views/$ourview, in pawtucket, but i think first testing was done by pasting urls into the address-bar of the browser and any url with service.php already failed with "invalid controller path"

    Is that an answer to your question?

  • ah sorry, i guess I misread your question. pawtucket runs in a subdirectory of server root, providence in a subdirectory of pawtucket.

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