Inherit current location (or any tracking policy) from parent

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Hi, I'm trying to setup a movement-based location tracking. It's actually working fine but let's say that the object hyerarchy is formed this way

  • Theme 1
    • Box 1
      • Item 1
      • Item 2
      • ...
    • Box 2
      • Item 5
      • Item 6
      • ...

Now, I'm trying to set up it that, if a movement is done, for example, on Box 1, the current location (or any policy) will be propagated to the child of the Box, so that if I go to the sub-item, I will still see the movement, even if the related object on the movement is the father. I know that the opposite is possibile

I hope I've explained myself. Do you know if it's possible to do that?

EDIT: For clarity, I'm on 1.8 develop

Note: Before you ask some of our box contain like 250 item, so adding one by one on the related object on the movement can be really tedious


  • It does not propagate in the literal sense, but you can display the parent location on the children if desired, which in this case should do what you require.

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