Change original file name of object representation

Is it possible to change the original filename of an object representation?

I added the field to the object representation ui and the filename is shown in the editor. I enter a new filename and click "Save". The page reloads and says "Saved changes". However, the new filename has not be saved and the old filename is shown in the editor.


  • That field is present for search indexing purposes. The original file name is also set in the extracted media metadata (, and that is used for display and for naming files on download. In order to change the original file name in the database both the media metadata entry and the field would need to change.


  • Thank you for the clarification.

    But how can I change the media metadata?

    I dragged all "Media" editor elements (e.g. Object representation media class) to the basic screen in the object representation editor.

    Among those editor elements there is no element with "file name" or similar.

    Additionally, when I open an object representation with the configured screen, only the "Media" and "Media and preview images" elements are shown. For the other elements it says:

    • Media class 'media_class' is not a valid bundle name
    • Media colorspace 'media_colorspace' is not a valid bundle name
    • ...

  • They can only be changed by uploading new media. There's no provision in the user interface for arbitrarily changing metadata extracted from an uploaded media file. It's possible to write data into the extracted fields using PHP scripts if you really needed to do this though.

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