History tracking policy always fallback to default policies

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Hi, I'm having some problem while setting up my history_tracking_location (on develop branch). I'm going step by step so my current policy looks like this

history_tracking_policies = {
        defaults = {
                ca_objects = current_location
        policies = {
                current_location = {
                        name = _(Current location),
                        table = ca_objects,
                        elements = {
                                ca_loans = {
                                        loan_request = {
                                                date = ca_loans.loan_date,
                                                setInterstitialElementsOnAdd = [],
                                                color = 80DEEA,
                                                template = LOAN_REQUEST
                                        __default__  = {
                                                date = ca_loans.loan_date,
                                                setInterstitialElementsOnAdd = [loan_date],
                                                color = F78B8B,
                                                template = DEFAULT

However, in the history_tracking_cronology, it looks like it doesn't use the loan_request type of loan and it always fallback on the default (I'm using really simple template to check that) as you can see in the images. I'll attach my local/app.conf too. Can anyone help me understand why this happens?

Side note: Yes, I've tried to run "caUtils reload-current-values-for-history-tracking-policies"

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  • Ok, I think I get the problem: It's only considered the LAST element that match in the list. This behaviour is strange and in other part of the system (Multipart Id Numbering, for example) is the other way, so I guess there is a problem somewhere

  • Actually the issue is that is will use default in some cases when it's not supposed to. It's not entirely about position. I've just pushed a fix for this. Thanks for raising the issue.


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