creating a symlink


I have an install of providence as a subsite (

So providence is @ root/subsites/providence

Pawtucket is @ root/www/

I seem not to have a symlink between the media folder. I copied the providence media/collectiveaccess folder to the root of the pawtucket installation. By doing this I can see the images finally in pawtucket (before that I saw no images, so I knew it was a problem with symlink).

Of course I don't want to copy each time the media folder from root/subsites/providence to root/www (where the pawtucket installation is.

I saw that this was maybe an option below. But before I do this, just wanted to check if this is the correct way to make a symlink? And what do I place where?

ln -s <path to the file/folder to be linked> <the path of the link to be created>


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