Problem of image preview and download in cloud server

Dear all,

I am using CA providence 1.7.5 on a Windows server and would like to migrate to Azure Cloud. Now I am testing on cloud server.  

I found that there is an issue on previewing and downloading media from CA cloud server, I can’t preview tilepic for .jpg format records, also, I can’t download media in .jpg and .gif and .doc formats from CA, but I can download .mp3 and .PDF. All of these can be done on local server.

Please have a look for the captured screens below:

(1) Download image (jpg, gif) failed (original, large, medium, small), attached please find the downloaded file that can’t be opened

(2) Download word (doc) failed, attached please find the word file downloaded from cloud that can’t be opened

 (3) Tilepic can't be previewed

Please see if there is any solutions to solve these issues. Many thanks!

1147 x 814 - 42K
650 x 241 - 25K
779 x 382 - 27K
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