Display entities and lists on export format

I am trying to create an export format. All fields atributes display well using table name + element code.

We have defined two atributes linked to entities and one to a list but nothing is displayed. I have tryed ca_object + element code and ca_entity_preferred_label. This last one display well but if we have two atributes linked to entities how can we discriminate them?

With lists hapens the same an nothing is displayed. If we use ca_object + atribute we get Root -> node for pintura and if we use ca_list_items.preferred_labels we get right name. But what if we need to have serveral list atributes, how can we discriminate them?



  • Hi,

    By export format, do you mean a display? Or an actual export mapping? For a display you should just drag the relevant bundle to the display list and it should display. If you're doing an export mapping it a bit different context.


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