User Submitted Tags - Searching and Display


I've been reviewing CA documentation sources for more detail about user submitted tags but there are a few things I'm not able to find info on.

  • It looks like selecting a tag searches on the word instead of bringing up other records with that same tag. Is it possible to change this?
  • Can tags be added as a facet, and a metadata field on the object record?

Thank you!


  • Hi,

    I assume you're referring to Pawtucket with regards to tag searches? If so, you can restrict those searches by prepending the field code for tags (ca_item_tags.tag) to the sarch.

    Browse facets can operate on tags. The browse facet config looks like this;

    		tags = {
    			type = tags,
    			group_mode = none,
    			multiple = 1,
    			exclude_values = [null],
    			label_singular = _("Tag"),
    			label_plural = _("Tags")


  • Thanks so much. The Browse facet is really helpful.

    Yes, I was referring to Pawtucket. On the object page, where tags are added by users, selecting a tag will return results for all objects with that language, rather than all objects with that tag. I'm not sure where I would edit that code?

  • It would be in the detail view.

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