Wrong conversion or display for dimension units (inch / cm)

Hi everybody,

I'm facing a curious bug in Providence / Pawtucket2, version 1.7.6. 🤔

I have objects for which dimensions are well specified in Providence (dimensions_length, dimensions_width, dimensions_height, dimensions_thickness, in their container) in metric units such as cm or mm. OK. Providence always displays these dimensions as I saved them.

But in Pawtucket, when I try to display a dimension, it returns HUGE numbers with "in" (inch) unit...

For example: for dimensions_length = 45 cm, instead of displaying "17.7165 in", it displays "1771653543 in" 🤨 That's 10^8 times too big!

Moreover, I tried adding a unit modifier like dimensions_length~units:cm, but this doesn't work. It displays "1771653543 in~units:cm". (In lowercase or uppercase, it's equal.)

So, anyone could help me to find:

  1. why the displayed value is 10^8 times too big?
  2. why ~units:cm doesn't works as expected in documentation?
  3. Or how define a default length unit as metric system in Pawtucket?

Many thanks.🙏


  • Hi everybody!

    Could someone help me on this bug? In which part of the Pawtucket's code, units conversions are made? (or mad?) 🤪

    Thank you!

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