Bug in Hierarchical Display Order

edited April 8 in Pawtucket Help

In Pawtucket, we have various hierarchical finding aids to display. There is a recurring error that happens when displaying details from the browser. The attached images shows the issue. In the image, you see that the hierarchy is Taliesin Architects Collection --> Furnishings for Robert Eisner at the Bogk House, etc.-->Cornelia Brierly Berndtson-->Architectural Works

HOWEVER, it should read Taliesin Architects Collection -->Architectural Works--> Cornelia Brierly Berndtson-->Furnishings for Robert Eisner at the Bogk House, etc.

The hierarchy displays correctly inside Collective Access for data entry, but does not appear correctly in the Pawtucket side of things.

Anyone else run into this? Can someone help?



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