Some Workflow Status values not showing in drop down

Good morning.

I'm working on a new installation of Collective access and I've added some work flow statuses to better reflect the nature of my collection. Unfortunately, some of these new work flow statuses (added via the manage lists and vocabularies feature) do not show up and I'm at a loss as to why. The ones that do show up have the same values as those that don't.

Any thoughts?


  • Try clearing the application cache. Simply removing all files in the app/tmp directory will do.

  • Let's say that didn't make any difference. :>

    I removed everything in the app/tmp directory, reloaded cache on my browser and the missing workflows were still missing.

    FWI, I also rebuilt the search indexes as I know that's a thing.

  • This isn't related to search indexing.

    Can you provide information about what version you're running, what precisely you changed and what you're seeing?

  • Of course!

    I'm running version 1.7.11 per the README.MD file.

    I have created two additional statuses through Manage : Lists and Vocabularies under the Object Workflow Statuses root node.

    One is labelled as "assembled" another is labeled as "primed".

    When I go to an object in providence and select the drop down for Status I see all the default values, "New, editing in progress, complete, etc" as well as "primed" but "assembled" is not available in the drop down.

    From the perspective of changes, I have added two values to the "object_workflow_statuses" list - primed and assembled. I think I did them the same way but clearly I didn't do something right.

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    Make sure the item values and identifiers for the two new entries are unique.

  • Huzzah!

    That was it! The item value field was blank on both of them. Once I changed it to a arbitrary number the value appeared in the drop down.


    Can you elaborate on what I might gain from setting the item values in the work flow statuses to assorted values? I would assume that they'd be chronological in relation to the work flow sort of like:

    100 - new

    110 - assembled

    120 - primed

    130 - in progress



  • The values are there to distinguish each when stored in the database or used in a coded process.

  • Perfect. Thanks!

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