simple way to Show/hide object info


A really simple question:

How can I show/hide things ? E.g hide object identifier.

I was told that the only way is to edit /themes/YOURTHEME/views/Details/ca_objects_default_html.php

Is this the only way? I would expect some config file or even gui option to do the same?



  • For Pawtucket there is no GUI or config file to show or hide metadata fields. It's very easily done in the file you listed

  • It seems that simple items can be easily displayed (eg ca_object.description)

    however simple lists cannot be displayed for some reason (if ca_object.description is text or numeric, then it will be shown. If it is a value that was selected from a list, then nothing is dislayed)

  • Hi Baldrick,

    I take an example from my collection of minerals and rocks.

    Suppose that you have created a metadata called "mineral_fracture_type", typed as list. It is linked with a list of controled vocabulary that you defined before. In Providence, I want to assign multiple mineral fracture types to one mineral, so I display this list wich checkbox.

    In Pawtucket, /themes/MyTheme/views/Details/ca_objects_default_html.php file, I insert this somewhere:

    {{{<ifcount code="ca_objects.mineral_fracture_type" min="1" max="1"><p><b>Fracture : </b>^ca_objects.mineral_fracture_type</p></ifcount>}}}
    {{{<ifcount code="ca_objects.mineral_fracture_type" min="2"><p><b>Fractures : </b>^ca_objects.mineral_fracture_type%delimiter=,_</p></ifcount>}}}

    You can see the result here (it is in french...):

  • Also, make sure the terms in the list have their "access" value set to public. Like every other record in CollectiveAccess it can be public or not. List items not set to public won't display in Pawtucket.

  • thanks Seth! It worked !!

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