Display & hide objects (bug?)


I can display or hide objects from pawtucket default view by editing:

ca_objects_default_html.php file in themes/default/views/Details/

everything works fine when replacing the ca_object.idno with the object I want to view:

{{{<ifdef code="ca_objects.idno"><H6>Identifier:</H6>^ca_objects.idno<br/></ifdef>}}}

However: This only works with text or number object types. If it is a list, then nothing is displayed...

How can I display list types?

I this a bug or am I missing something?

Thank you!


  • The list you are talking about is a metadata of an object?

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    For example I can easily show the text "ca_object.description".

    Or other numeric values.

    So I would expect that a list would be similar (e.g ^ca_object.testlist) ... but it does not work.

    Note that when I request http://host/ca/service.php/item/ca_objects/id/1?&pretty=1

    I am able to see the list items normally like any other metadata of ca_objects

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