pawtucket translation (menu)

How can I translate the other menus in pawtucket?

(in ca the main menu was translated when I chose preferences->locale but no similar option in pawtucket....)


  • Yes. copy the locale(s) you need from themes/default/locale to your own theme and the edit it. Editing would involve using an application such as POEdit to scan your theme for translatable text and then add relevant translations.

  • I'm using the default theme.

    How can the user select language ?

    The upper menu (About, Browse, Advanced Search etc) doesn't seem to translate?

  • Have you enabled more than one locale for cataloguing?

  • edited May 23

    Yes, thank you, I have and I entered translations in themes/default/locale

    But how can a visitor switch language?

  • Do you have more than one location set as available for cataloguing in the back-end (Providence)?

  • Yes, there are several available cataloguing locales available in Default cataloguing locale

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