show/hide object representations

I am able to show/hide various fields by editing ca_objects_default_html.php in

/var/www/html/ca/pawtucket/themes/default/views/Details (e.g ^ca_objects.title etc)

But how can I show ca_object_representations ? How do I add them ?

By default I am able to see the image title. That would be ca_object_representations/id=5, But nothing like this is in the source code, the only reference to representations is this: {{{representationViewer}}}

Perhaps editing another file?

thank you


  • Are both the object representation and the object set to be accessible to the public? I make this mistake more often that I would like to admit, so it's usually the first question I point to when others are having problems with Pawtucket2 displaying images.

  • thanks sjenson - yes it is visible - I have also done this mistake many times :)

  • edited June 2


    Did you flush the cache files of Pawtucket? (delete all files in /app/tmp).

    My experience is: whatever you change in the display or metadata, always flush tmp files to see the result immediately 😉

  • The  {{{representationViewer}}} includes the appropriate viewer for the media. To control what viewer is used for a media type, and to control the size of the viewer and other parameters edit the media_display.conf configuration file.

    Does the media attached to the object display in the view? If so, is your question how to display other metadata on the representation record?

  • Thank you Seth and darrigan! Editing media_display.conf was the solution!

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