Help with parent/child import and objectHierarchyBuilder


I'm having trouble building a parent/child relationship between fonds/series while importing data with objectHierarchyBuilder.

Sample import data is like this (tab delimited):

Fond_name [tab] series_name1 [tab] series_id1

Fond_name [tab] series_name2 [tab] series_id2


The resulting import does correctly create a new fond with 'Fond_name' and all the new series with 'series_name1', series_name2' and so on but does not assign a parent relationship between records.

What am I missing?




  • SOLVED. Silly of me, I overlooked that I should of addressed 'ca_object.parent_id' in the 'CA table.element' column for objectHierarchyBuilder to work. Instead I left just the table name as for objectSplitter.

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