CSRF token invalid error on media import

This happens newly. providence 1.7.14


postmaxsize and maxfilesize should be high enough according to providence configuration check.

any idea? some forum posts for other software talk about folders that are not writable for the web server. i do not get such warnings though..


  • Usually CSRF would be due to postmaxsize being exceeded. What you are uploading? What format and how large?

  • It was a folder with fifty jpeg format digital fotos, but it is reprocusceable with just one of the jpegs in the import folder.

  • ...and with a single mp3 file

  • Also getting it when attempting a data import, but not when uploading a new mapping.

    Configuration check says:" It looks like the PHP configuration variables "post_max_size" and "upload_max_filesize" are set to different values. Note that the lowest of both values limits the size of the files you can upload to CollectiveAccess. Your values: upload_max_filesize=860M and post_max_size=900M."

    which should mean no problem, right?

  • logging out deleting browser cache, sessions etc and logging in again does not help.

  • any idea where else to look?

  • Those max values should be fine. It's ok if they don't match so long as the smaller one is large enough. This works with one JPEG, but not 50, right? How large is the mp3?

  • No, sorry if i am not accurate, it works in neither case. neither data import nor media import works with any tested data/files. What works though, is uploading media from standard-object-ui. That is why i thought, that the error might have to do with folder permissions, or a component that is not running, but i can not find an error in file permissions so far..

    (btw. how and when is media deleted to free disk space? is it done when i delete a media representation?)

  • there is no log entry written on this, maybe that is clear as CSRF seems to indicate an early abort of the operation, but i just wanted to mention it..

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    I wonder if it could have to do with my php.ini anyway, but maybe with settings concerning sessions and caching?

    However, it seems to be connected to providence 1.7.14, as i have this problem both on local and remote installations running this version, but not on an instance on the same remote server that still runs 1.7.12.

    maybe this could give a clue to you?

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    For reasons, i am not sure of, when instaling the new version, the link files in /vendor/bin where not copied. This caused the completely silent error. I think i used rsync for the installation. maybe, a faulty option i chose caused this.

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