Quicksearch problems revisited - ca_storage_locations.is_enabled

Once a long time ago....I was working to try to figure out why quicksearch vs normal search were not returning storage locations. After many trials with search indexing, etc I have found the problem to be that:

ca_storage_locations.is_enabled is NOT defined, so it will always fail in QuickSearchController.php

ca_storage_locations.Is_enabled IS defined.


return $o_storage_location_search->search(($ps_search == '*') ? '(ca_storage_locations.is_enabled:1)' : '('.$ps_search.') AND (ca_storage_locations.is_enabled:1)', $search_opts);


return $o_storage_location_search->search(($ps_search == '*') ? '(ca_storage_locations.Is_enabled:1)' : '('.$ps_search.') AND (ca_storage_locations.Is_enabled:1)', $search_opts);

If I change ca_storage_locations.is_enabled to ca_storage_locations.Is_enabled then it works just fine.

I do not see any place where Is_enabled is defined. /app/models/ca_storage_locations.php has it as 'is_enabled', the ca_storage_locations mysql table has it as 'is_enabled', search_index.conf has it as 'is_enabled'

Any idea? I am so close to solving this!




  • almost forgot:

    1523 x 670 - 298K
  • It works on my test systems and the demo as-is. Did you change anything in your configuration or code?

  • not that I know of. This has been a long evolving database, so errors could have crept in over time and revisions.

    I do have use a custom profile, but that's mostly for print templates.

    I just dont see where Is_enabled is mentioned anywhere within a file. Unless there is something within the database that could redefine is_enabled to Is_enabled. Localization?

  • Might this be a MySQL thing? I see 'lower case file system' is set to OFF, and 'lower case table name' is set to 0.

    The demo works with both .is_enabled and .Is_enabled. My system ONLY works with .Is_enabled.

  • Where is 'lower case file system' set? Can you do a DESC on the ca_storage_locations table in your system and post the output. Eg. in MySQL run this query:

    DESC ca_storage_locations;

  • They are displayed (I cant change them) in the Variables tab of the mySQL server in mysqladmin.

    Field Type Null Key Default Extra

    location_id int(10) unsigned NO PRI NULL auto_increment

    parent_id int(10) unsigned YES MUL NULL

    type_id int(10) unsigned YES MUL NULL

    idno varchar(255) NO MUL NULL

    idno_sort varchar(255) NO MUL NULL

    is_template tinyint(3) unsigned NO 0

    source_id int(10) unsigned YES MUL NULL

    source_info longtext NO NULL

    color char(6) YES NULL

    icon longblob NO NULL

    hier_left decimal(30,20) NO MUL NULL

    hier_right decimal(30,20) NO MUL NULL

    access tinyint(3) unsigned NO 0

    status tinyint(3) unsigned NO 0

    deleted tinyint(3) unsigned NO 0

    rank int(10) unsigned NO 0

    is_enabled tinyint(3) unsigned NO 1

    view_count int(10) unsigned NO 0

    submission_user_id int(10) unsigned YES MUL NULL

    submission_group_id int(10) unsigned YES MUL NULL

    submission_status_id int(10) unsigned YES MUL NULL

    submission_via_form varchar(100) YES MUL NULL

    submission_session_id int(10) unsigned YES MUL NULL

    idno_sort_num bigint(20) unsigned NO MUL 0

  • Revisiting this problem that seemed to go away for a bit...but is back.

    So if I search for a storage location:



    * AND (ca_storage_locations.is_enabled:*)

    it returns ALL locations.

    if I search for

    * AND (ca_storage_locations.is_enabled:1)


    Once I reindex it will return NOTHING.

    This happens even if I remove my local search_index.conf

    Once again, running git/developed......just pulled this morning.

    Any idea?

  • Problem Mostly Solved!

    It seems like (within /app/lib/Search/SearchIndexer.php ~line 252) will fail reindexing if there are less than 500 storage locations:

    if (!($vn_i % 500)) { // Pre-load attribute values for next 500 items to index; improves index performance

    $va_id_slice = array_slice($va_ids, $vn_i, 500);

    My "solution" is to change the 500 to 2:

    if (!($vn_i % 2)) { // Pre-load attribute values for next 500 items to index; improves index performance

    $va_id_slice = array_slice($va_ids, $vn_i, 2);

    Any thoughts?


  • That really fixes your problem? That code just loads intrinsic values in bunches to improve performance. The data is pulled every 500 rows starting with the first row.

    I just tried reindexing the demo, which has 12 storage locations. They're all searchable as they should be.

    If your mod works for you go for it, but so far I can't see the problem.

  • ok, feeling a little foolish - so this mod worked because i had some old debugging code that was popping the first element of the array off so that any count under 500 was always failing. It was a new problem i created.

    the real fix was a missing comma in app.conf. Also a foolish mistake, but very hard detect sometimes.

    which brings up the question of creating some integrety checking tools for conf files

  • Where was the comma missing?

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