Missing barcode libraries?

Barcode libraries have been changing.

Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Class 'CodeItNow\BarcodeBundle\Utils\QrCode' not found in /hermes/bosnaweb28a/b1269/ipw.pelhamhs/public_html/pa2new/app/helpers/printHelpers.php:

Is this a missing composer library? I am not finding a source for CodeItNow\BarcodeBundle



  • Yeah, it's gone. GitHub took it down for copyright violation and it appears that's it's never coming back. We're working on implementing support for a replacement.

  • So many composer package choices....so many possibilities. I've been trying random packages and haven't found one I like yet. Each one has something not ideal, bad qrcode, issues with code128, poor control of formatting, etc etc. Each one requires a bit of changing printHelpers.php.

    Any suggestion for an alternate library ?...or should I just hang tight?


  • Well, a problem is the one we were using wasn't the only one taken down by GitHub. Several dozen PHP barcode libraries were removed at the behest of a company that developed the core code they all (apparently) used. If you find one you think works well please let me know.

  • I've been playing around with https://github.com/kreativekorp/barcode and so far it seems usable. Still figuring out some of it. It has a MIT license.

    I just loaded it into /app/lib/Plugins/barcode and reference it via an url:

    <div id='barcode'><img src='".__CA_BARCODE_GENERATOR__."?s=qrh&d=".$path."'/><br/>$path</div>

    where I defined __CA_BARCODE_GENERATOR__ as __CA_SCHEME_HOST__.__CA_URL_ROOT__."/app/lib/Plugins/barcode/barcode.php

    I know this is bypassing the barcode functions in printHelpers.php, but it I haven't been able to figure out how to pass the image data and display it (as I used to) with this library, and it seemed like an extra step to pass the barcode.php url back and forth

  • It looks like that library hasn't been updated in almost 4 years, which makes me somewhat reluctant to use it.

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