I posted this on April 8 but no response. There is a serious error in the display of hierarchical terms within the Pawtucket display. It is not properly ordering the sequence of of the hierarchy in displays at the top of the collections browsing page. This is a serious defect. Can Seth or someone help get this fixed. We have dozens of collections that are not displaying properly.

Here's the explanation posed on 4/8/2022:

In Pawtucket, we have various hierarchical finding aids to display. There is a recurring error that happens when displaying details from the browser. The attached images shows the issue. In the image, you see that the hierarchy is Taliesin Architects Collection --> Furnishings for Robert Eisner at the Bogk House, etc.-->Cornelia Brierly Berndtson-->Architectural Works

HOWEVER, it should read Taliesin Architects Collection -->Architectural Works--> Cornelia Brierly Berndtson-->Furnishings for Robert Eisner at the Bogk House, etc.

The hierarchy displays correctly inside Collective Access for data entry, but does not appear correctly in the Pawtucket side of things.

Attached is image showing the misplaced sequence.

Many thanks for your assistance.


The site is Browsing the Taliesin Architects collection or the Louis Wiehle collection will demonstrate the problem.

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  • Hi,

    Not sure that we could call this a MAJOR BUG 😉

    Maybe something wrong in the /theme/YourTheme/views/Details/ca_collections_default_html.php file? Could you past here the content of this file?

  • Sorry I missed this one when you posted it. I'll take a look today.

  • Sorry to be delayed in getting the code to you; real life intervened with me. Appreciate any help you can give. This a serious problem for us, anyway, in displaying the hierarchical structure of our collections.

    File attached.

  • If you want it to remain in hierarchical order don't set a sort on it. Use this:

    {{{<ifdef code="ca_collections.parent_id"><H6>Part of: <unit relativeTo="ca_collections.hierarchy" delimiter=" &gt; "><l>^</l></unit></H6></ifdef>}}}

    Also make sure you're running a current version. I have verified that collection hierarchy levels are in the correct order when using this sort of template in the current 1.7.16 version.

  • Thank you so much. I will upgrade at the first opportunity. We are running 1.7.11. I pasted your code into the existing page, which had not been touched since installation. I don't know how that sort was applied, and I don't have the skill to do it. But now we are all good. Much gratitude as ever for your generosity and skilled responsiveness.

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