Location working....contents not

What would cause history_tracking_chronology and ca_objects_location to be correctly show an objects current location, but.... history_tracking_current_contents does NOT contain the object.

I'm trying to use Movement based tracking. It had been working...I might have broken it somewhere and just noticed. PAW git/develop.

Here's the app.conf excerpt:


  • Try running caUtils reload-current-values-for-history-tracking-policies

  • Finally I got it working!

    Oh my, after much much trouble I discovered some typo's in my app.conf. In particular, I discovered that comments (#.....) do NOT work within a structure: i.e.

    # This comment is ok

    locationTrackingMode = ca_movements # This comment I think is OK

     elements = {            

                     ca_storage_locations = {

                           __default__ = {

                               date = ca_objects_x_storage_locations.effective_date, # This comment will blow things up

                               setInterstitialElementsOnAdd = [effective_date],

                               useDatePicker = 0,



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