ERROR DURING import Simple XML: Could not read source ...

Gives me this problem when importing an XML file with sample data.

Errors during import:

• (2022-06-16 12:05:51) Could not read source /opt/homebrew/var/www/ca/import/export.xml (format=SimpleXML)

Import directory has in this case 777 privileges.

The same when I pick up the sample data file manually:

Errors during import:

  • (2022-06-16 12:13:37) Could not read source /private/var/folders/f9/9kx11vd1319dpryfdy_9h8sr0000gn/T/phpk8KJft (format=SimpleXML)

I am unable to solve it. Some idea?

1576 x 600 - 82K


  • First thing is make sure the XML is well-formed.

  • ah sorry... true, XML was not well formed (missing root).

    but now I have new problems: it does not import any data (0 processed; o errors).

    I have seen that there are similar discussions (e.g. here) , but the xls and xml documents are no longer accessible there so I cannot see a direct example.

    I attach my import mapping file and XML test file as a txt (as it doesn't allow me to upload an xml as an attachment here).

    Last: I see that SimpleXML is not listed in the possible formats of this template, so I have added it to the dropdown menu.

    Really thank you

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