Changed settings in 1.7.15

Just for your info ( i have already solved it).

After deploying 1.7.15 to our testserver, i have found two troubles with our configuration.

We have copy of app/conf/app.conf in app/conf/local/app.conf, but with new logo.svg and config changes you need to add/change something like, othervise old png logo will show, but heavilly distorted.

login_logo = logo.svg

login_logo_width = 327px

login_logo_height = 45px

header_img = logo.svg

header_width = 210px

header_height: 20px

report_img = logo.svg

Also, we didn't had copy of app/conf/external_applications.conf and in last release

there was change of graphicsmagick_app = /opt/homebrew/bin/gm (from /usr/bin/gm) .

Before i have realized it, all representation was on import detected as binary file (instead of eg. jpg).

On next releases, i will check changes in config files more thoroughly.


  • Hi,

    The change is app/conf/external_applications.conf is a mistake. the value is an artifact from testing should not have been changed. (The develop code uses lists of paths to avoid this sort of thing). I'll revert it now.

    I'll look at changing logo handling to more gracefully deal with old configuration. The issue is that your config is setting the logo graphic to the old copy (no big deal) but not setting the width and height, so it gets distorted. Not a huge deal, but we should handle it better.

    thanks for reporting this and apologies for any hassle caused.


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