pawtucket locale stuck to en_US

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I can't change locale in pawtucket (in backend it works)

-> I have enabled cataloguing in backend for both locales

-> I have added the .mo and .po files in /app/locale (for pawtucket and pawtucket default theme)

-> I edited ui_locales in app.conf (added two locales)

-> app.conf has as new locale as default

-> CA_DEFAULT_LOCALE__ in setup.php is set to new locale

-> rm * from /tmp

If I rename folder /pawtucket/app/locale/en_US then the page will display the error "en_US" not found. It will not even fallback to other locales ...

What else should I try? Any other ideas ?


  • Locale files for each locale you're looking to support your Pawtucket theme need to be in the theme locale directory. For the default theme this would be themes/default/locale

    You also need to register each locale you want to support in the ui_locales list in the app.conf configuration file or your theme. Once you've done that passing the lang parameter with a locale code will change the site to that locale.

    I've enabled this on the demo site. See for the demo in Spanish. will switch it to English. Note that the Spanish translation is not complete for the demo, so some bits of it will still be in English, but enough of the translation is there (the menu bar, for example) for you to see the difference, I hope.

  • Thank you seth!

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