Description Field Is Not Displaying

Good morning.

I've done a pretty thorough (I think) search of the forums and the wiki but I can't seem to sort this issue myself.

I have objects that have the description field populated but that field isn't populating in the pawtucket detail view. I'm using the stock "ca_objects_default_html.php" file in a custom theme (haven't done much editing and not to this file. I've tried rolling back to the default theme and the field doesn't display.

This code is intact:

{{{<ifdef code="ca_objects.description">

<div class='unit'><h6>Description</h6>

<span class="trimText">^ca_objects.description</span>



I'm sure I'm missing something obvious. Any thoughts?



  • First thing to check is that there is actually a metadata element with code "description" bound to objects of the type you're trying to display, and that that field is actually set for the record(s) you're trying to display.

  • It certainly appears that way. I installed using the default installation template and description was generated at that time. The variable name looks right and terms do show up.

  • Okay. So I've confirmed that the values are present in ca_attribute_values and they're present on the object I'm looking at. There's a meta data element that has a code value of "description".

    I then created a brand new install (just to confirm that I didn't choose a different installation profile and I was able to duplicate the issue.

    Any thoughts?

  • Hi,

    Did you flush the cache files of Pawtucket? (Delete all the files inside the /app/tmp directory)


  • Hi, Darrigan.

    I had performed that task to no avail, however... I fixed it. There was a much older post that mentioned that the description field is actually work_description. I modified the template to use work_description and the field began to appear.

    May I suggest that the default theme be modified to user work_description instead of description (which is, as it turns out, is used to describe the element types rather than the objects).

    Getting there!

    Thanks Darrigan and Seth.

  • The field codes are whatever you want them to be. work_description (vs. physical description, public description, etc.) is a distinction present in some metadata standards. The default Pawtucket theme just guesses at these codes, but to be of any use the default theme needs to be modified to match your back-end profile.

  • For sure and that flexibility is why I’m sticking with this platform. It’s pretty great.

  • {{{<ifdef code="ca_objects.work_description">

                   <div class='unit'><h6>Description</h6>

                      <span class="trimText">^ca_objects.work_description</span>



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