Browse facet for object_representations


i can't found the correct facet useful for my need. I want to browse all media for access (so visible and not visible), but i want to see only media related to object, not media related to entities or collections or occurrences...

For privacy rights we can have object visible and not all media related visible and we have the acl setting for objects and object_representations for user groups, but the other data like entites or occurrences are shared with all user groups so there are not the ca_acl.

In the access_facet in browse.conf for object_representations if I add the relative_to = ca_objects i can see correctly only media related to objects, but also the filter access is relative to object and not for object_representations...

               access_facet = {

                       type = fieldList,

                       field = access,

                       group_mode = none,

#antonio img

                relative_to = ca_objects,

                       indefinite_article = an,

                       label_singular = _("visibilita' media scheda"),

                       label_plural = _("visibilita' media schede")


I tried the other type of facet like autorithy or field or has, but with no luck.

Do you have any tips?



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