Pawtucket Browse Menu not loading: updating to 1.7.16

I recently upgraded from 1.7.8 to 1.7.16

Providence upgrade had no issue.

The pawtucket update looks fine except the browse menu is not loading facets. All media is showing fine and the 'browse all objects' is filtering fine as per browse.conf

The only issue is the browse menu is not loading facets.

I'm seeing this error

Errors occurred when trying to access /pawtucket/index.php/Browse/objects/facet/foldername_facet/getFacet/1/key/isNav/1:

  • View does not exist

I tried using a fresh pull of pawtucket with the default theme with updating only the setup.php and browse.conf and still see the same errors.

My previous version of pawtucket 1.7.8 is still running without issue after updating providence.

Ubuntu 18 / PHP 7.4

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