Modifying what fields are showing in ca_object_default_html.php

I'm a newbie but trying to modify what fields display in CA's /DETAIL/object results page.

For example

I can that in "page ca_object_default_html.php" there is the following code :

{{{<ifdef code="ca_objects.idno"><H6>Identifier:</H6>^ca_objects.idno<br/></ifdef>}}}

and the result is:



This is all good. But when I try to replicate this for the field Scope and Content:

{{{<ifdef code="ca_objects.scope_content"><H6>Identifier:</H6>^ca_objects.scope_content<br/></ifdef>}}}

the result is:



How do I get the data entered in to the Scope and Content field to display. This is driving me nuts. What am I doing wrong? I've read the documentation a bunch of time and still lost.

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