Import images into artworks already created

Hello! Can someone help me to understand what is the best process to import image files massively and associate them with already created artworks? is that possible?

I found this command but I think I'm missing something. Or do you recommended me other method.

$ sudo /var/www/html/support/bin/caUtils mport-media [path here



  • Additional comment. I am using CA 1.7.16

  • If you upload the files or the folder to the providence/import folder,* you can import the media via the GUI. Under Advance Options is a feature for how you will want to match the images to the records. Of course, the usual suggestion of running a small test batch to iron out any problems is a good idea.

    * I find it easier to create a new folder for each group so that I do not import the same images again.

  • Thanks sjenson, I found it and works fine!

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