Pawtucket Issue


Pawtucket shows Images as broken and Even Custom metadata are not showing up.

Kindly check this image

what am i missing and how to solve this issue ?!


  • Make sure that the object has access = "accessible to public"

  • If images are broken then you don't have the media directory in a location Pawtucket can load from. Make sure Pawtucket can see the media/ directory created by Providence.

    With regards to "custom metadata", did you modify the theme to display this data? If so, did you make the modifications in the default theme or a new theme of your own?

  • Well, I'm using the default theme, I didn't make any changes I just set the object in providence to be public and then the metadata doesn't show up nor the images.

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    Object has access to the public but the custom metadata data form that i have created is not showing up and the images as well.

  • Hi,

    You will have to modify the theme to show your metadata. Specifically themes/default/Details/ca_objects_default_html.php

    As to why images are now showing, are they simply not there? Or is there a broken image icon? If it's just not showing at all, then make sure your media are marked as public. Visibility in Pawtucket of media (images, video etc) is handled separately from the object record the media is attached to. This allows you to show an object but hold back selected media. It's also easy to forget to set it, and you end up with no media showing.

    If that doesn't work then we'll need to look at where you've placed the media directory on the server relative to the Pawtucket installation.


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